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Patient Care & FAQ

Before Your Visit Dr. Meyer requests that you download, fill out, and return via mail or fax the initial Intake Form prior to your first office visit so that your case may be reviewed and more time may be spent addressing your specific concerns at the time of your visit. Additionally, any recent … Read More


Meet Our Team

Dr. Meyer My introduction to naturopathic medicine came out of my own search for the root of my illness. As a young, idealistic 20-something, I was living in New York City, enjoying what seemed like a life of endless wonder and possibility. My plans quickly came to a halt as I began struggling … Read More


Naturopathic Medicine

At the core of naturopathic philosophy is the belief that human beings have an innate ability to heal, provided that the obstacles to cure are identified and removed. Dr. Meyer’s objective is to assist those that she works with in identifying their own unique obstacles to good health and help them … Read More